How to Travel with a Big Dog | Travelling Tips

how to travel with a big dog


If you have a dog and you love him very much and want to take with you on your all trips and left him at home and you don’t have any idea about how to travel with a dog and with a large dog it will more difficult but don’t worry we will guide you about how can you travel with a big dog.

After that, there is also a question of what type of travel you want to with your big dog like by road with the help of a car, by train and internationally by airplane

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How to travel with a big dog in a car

Dogs are sensitive and never want to put on a seat belt. If you want to travel with your furry friend through a taxi or a car you should follow some caution that will be good for your dog.

Comforting your furry friend

You have a big dog and your first thing is to keep calm with your dog. When you going to travel with your big dog you should take its bed along and rest him it in it will be comfortable for your dog and ultimately for you.

Your dog’s loving things

When you travel with your furry friend you should take your dog’s toys and treats. These toys will entertain and make the journey interested for them.

Play with your dog

It’s a good option to play and talk with your dog and the journey will be easy and comfortable for you and your dog. Because your dog understands your voice and feels happy when you talk with him or her and its tail is wagging.

How long do you travel in a car with a big dog

A long ride will be tiresome for humans and also for dogs. Seating in the same seat will be exhausted for you and your dog.

A dog can travel continuously at a fixed time depending on its age and it will be less for big dogs as compared to small ones.

Pet experts also recommended a break of two hours for your dog that he will stretch his legs. You should keep an eye on him and never let him go too far. You should also use a tracking chip at its collar that will be helpful to find his location.

When you take a break you should stay at a place where your dog fell comfortable. Because dogs are emotionally attached to their master house and feel uncomfortable when going outside.

How to travel with a big dog by Train

Mostly you travel with your dog in your vehicle but the time you go at that adventure where you are bind to use public properties like trains and then how can you travel stress-free with your furry friend that will make your journey comfortable.

When are you going for a trip with your big dog by train the first question coming to your mind that are dogs allowed to travel by train?

Can UK Allowed Dogs Travel by Train?

Likely our nation is an animal lover and allows dogs to travel in trains. But before traveling through you should talk with the coach, owners that will allow dogs to travel and not create any difficulty for you during your trip.

What are the rules that I will follow during travel with my big dog through trains

If a train company allows dogs to travel but they fix some rules that will be compulsory for the dog owners to follow.

  • Passengers can be taken only two dogs with them free and paid charges for extra
  • You should keep your dog into your lead
  • Dogs are not allowed to occupy seats
  • You should keep your in a crate except for your lead
  • Even in a pet carrier, you can not put it on a seat
  • The train is public property there you are avoiding to take those dogs which create troubles for other passengers

Traveling guide with a Big Dog through Train

When you want to travel with your furry friend by train you should keep it in mind and prepare these things.

  • You should be connected with your vet if your dog has traveling issues
  • You should manage a well-ventilated dog-carrier
  • Collar and leash and use GPS chip on it
  • If the journey is cold you should take a Blanket/jacket with you
  • You should take chew toys with you for your dog
  • Snacks, food, and plenty of water
  • You should take with you, your dog bowl
  • Poop bags
  • Certificate of Veterinary inspection
how to travel with a big dog

How to travel with a big dog internationally by Aeroplane

When you going abroad and never left your furry friend at home then it will be difficult for you to take a big dog with you on a plane.

Some types of dogs are afraid of height and never feel comfortable in a plane. You should be very careful about your dog.

Airlines allow dogs to travel in a cabin but the dog owners want that their dogs will travel with them and keep an eye on them.

Airlines allow a small weight of dogs to travel through planes. If you have a dog of big weight it will be hard to get a place on the plane for your dog.

Like Air Canada only allow that dogs to travel in the cabin who has a weight a total of carrier and your dog is under 9kg and also same for American Airlines. It is also essential to contact the customer service number to confirm in advance.

If you have a private jet it’s very good and comfortable for you and your dog and you will enjoy your journey without any tension.


How to travel with a big dog? Before traveling with your big dog you should about his habits that he or she is afraid of vehicles. Take some toys to comfort him and take a break after a journey.

How to travel with a big dog by train? Some train companies are not allowed to travel dogs in the train but some allow under some conditions you should follow them and enjoy your journey carefree with your loving friend.

How to travel with a big dog through Aeroplane? Airlines allow dogs to travel in the cabin but the condition is that their weight must be less than 9kg. if you have a big dog above 9kg you should travel by road because airlines are not allowed to your dog.

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