How to Measure for a Dog Collar (Measuring Trick)



How to Measure for a Dog Collar? If the Neck collar of your is not fit for your dog that you are buying for him for comfort and it will create be harmful to your dog’s neck.

What happens if the neck collar size is not fit for my dog?

If the collar is unfit for your dog’s neck it will be the reason for suffocations for your dog and the neck raches. Then your dog will be uncomfortable and create difficulties for you.

So you are careful about buying the neck collar for your dog. For buying a comfortable neck collar firstly you have an idea about the neck size of your dog.

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Why do I use a neck collar for my dog?

Your dog needs a walk every day or after a week. it’s compulsory for your dog’s health. If you are not doing physical activities for your dog it will a harmful to your dog’s health.

When you talk to your dog for a walk rather it is a morning or night walk. You need to keep your dog with you. It is possible only when you wear a neck collar and a rope.

There are also many other dangers if you are not using a neck collar during a walk. Your dog must be priceless for you and you love him very much. You will not want that your escape from you. A neck collar is helpful in this case and provides security during going outside for a walk.

If your dog plays around you but you will not be protected from the wilder world without using a neck collar.

How can I measure the neck size of my dog?

There are some ways to measure the neck for your dog.

  1. Measure through the current collar

If your dog already wears a neck collar and this collar is very fit to your dog’s neck. But this neck collar is damaged. Your dog will not use it.

Don’t measure it end to end measure it from the hole on the male side of the buckle. This is where the female side meets the male side.

If you are measuring from the end your measurement will be an inch or two will be off. If you are near the low or high end of a size range, that will be a perfect fit for your dog.

In this way, you will find the ideal fit for your dog neck collar.

If my dog has not used any neck collar before then how can I measure his neck size for a collar? It’s not difficult we will discuss it with you.

  • Use a soft measuring tape or a rope

If your dog does not wear a neck collar then you will use a soft rope and a measuring tape. You take one of them and wrap it around the neck of your dog softly above the shoulders.

After that make a loop of the measuring tape. Overlap the end of the tape that you can get an accurate size of your neck.

Don’t too tight the loop that will be suffocated for your dog and then find a breathable and comfortable for your dog according to this size.

  • If you are not using a measuring tape and use a rope. Then you will pinch and cut the total length of the rope to reference.
  • After finding the size of the loop you never buy a collar exact of this size add 1 or 2 cm in it, it will comfortable for your dog’s neck. If you are buying exactly this size of a collar then it will be not comfortable for your dog’s neck and create suffocations for your dog.
  • With the help of dog collar size Chart

We also provide you with an idea breed chart if you do not have the facility of the current neck size and measure tape. This chart will be very useful for you.

SizeNeck size in (cm)Ideal Breed
Extra Small17-25Chihuahua, Mini Dachshund
Small24-32Mini Poodle, Westie Terrier
Medium32-42Beagle, Frenchie, Corgi, Cocker Spaniel
Large42-52Labrador, Bull Arab, Aussie Shepherd
Extra Large52-62Bulldog, Chow Chow, Greate Dane

What type of collar do I buy for my dog?

After knowing the size of the collar for my dog there is a question about what type of collar I buy for my dog. It depends on your needs.

We will share with you popular types of collars.

  • The leather collar is popular because they are flexible and have a smart appearance.
  • Neon and Luminous Collars are good for those owners who walk with their dogs in the evening time because they provide you lights inside the collar and easily you can spot your dog’s position in the dark.
  • All-Weather Collars are used in any type of weather, you can easily clean them without the danger of damaging them, and they are good for those dogs who love to jump in the water and get muddy easily. Some types of collars are damaged due to water.
  • Handled Collars are used to get great control over your dog. This type of collar is useful for those owners who are may have their dogs off-lead in a relaxed environment and get control easily with the help of these collars if required.
to Measure for a Dog Collar


How to measure a dog collar? Is very necessary for a dog owner to know because choosing the right fitted collar is like choosing a comfortable bed for your dog.

There are some solutions for how to measure a dog collar for your dog which will be comfortable for your dog are

  • By using the current collar
  • By using a soft measurement tape
  • By using a guidance chart

By knowing the answer of how can I measure a neck collar for my dog you will be carefree during buying a collar for your dog because it impacts your dog’s safety, training, comfort, and style.

The collar is necessary for your dog’s safety when you go outside with him. So be careful about buying a comfortable and soft collar for your dog.

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