How to Clean a Dog Collar? (Clean Like New)



Collars are meant for the security of your dog when you are going outside with your furry friend. By wearing a collar all the time, the collar of your dog may be getting dirty because of air dust, your dog’s skin oil and grime are enough to make it full of nasty odor.

Some types of dogs spend their much time outdoors rolling in the mud, like swimming and swimming in lakes and streams, chasing balls and like to play with it, or playing at the dog’s park their collar gets dirty quickly as compared to the puppies who rarely going out and takes a trip after a week. But in fact, all dogs’ collars are needed to be clean to keep them smelling nice.

For the better health of your dog and to keep him clean you need to clean the collar of your dog properly and make it odorless.

This can be possible only when you have an idea about cleaning the dog’s collar. If you don’t have any idea about cleaning it, don’t worry we will share a safe cleaning method that is how can you clean your dog’s collar.

There are some different types of dog collars. What type of collar does your dog wear?

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How to clean a synthetic dog collar?

If your dog wears a synthetic collar then you don’t have to worry about cleaning it. We make it easy for you. There are many ways to clean it but we will share with you safe methods that will not affect the quality of the collar.


The first quickest and easiest method to clean it is by using a dog’s collar washing shampoo. Put warm water in a bowl and shampoo and soak your dog’s collar into it for 10 to 20 minutes. After that scrub it slightly with a soft brush you can use an old toothbrush for this purpose. Then again rinse the collar under clean hot water and then hang it that it will be completely dry. After that, it will be smell like a fresh one.

Baking soda

If you like to wash your dog’s collar with natural ingredients it’s not a big problem. You can use baking soda mix it with two spoons of vinegar and then mix them into a hot water bowl. Let the collar stand in the water for 10 minutes and after that scrub it and then dry it by using a vacuum.

How to clean a leather dog collar?

Some leather collars can be cleaned by the same method of synthetic leather but some leather collars should not get in contact with water like the higher type of collars. Clean leather collar routinely rather than clean it when it is soiled and stinks. Leather may be cracked by heat. So, after washing it you should avoid using heat or sunlight to dry it or use a vacuum cleaner to dry it.


How can I clean the Badly Soiled Leather Collar of my Dog?

High-quality leather collars should not be soaked in the water. So, in this case, make a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and cold water and then use an old brush and then scrub the collar to clean. After you need to dry it by using a vacuum cleaner or hand it not in the sunlight.

How can I clean the Finished Leather Collar of my Dog?

Finished Leather collars are those that have been treated and dyed. You need to wash them according to the instruction that is written on the collar’s tag. You can clean it by using mild detergents and hot water or use any commercial leather cleaners. But before using those cleaners you need to be read the chemicals are used in the cleaners are won’t poison my dog or dangerous for his skin.

How can I clean the Unfinished Leather Collar of my Dog?

Unfinished leather collars are those which are new and untreated. These collars may be getting dirty very quickly. Take a soft cloth and then saddle soap on it and then scrub it slightly. Clean the additional soap and then hang it.

Don’t use detergents or commercial cleaners for the unfinished leather collars because they decrease the shining of it.

How can I clean the Metal Parts of my Dog Collar?

These are the methods to clean the durable part of the dog’s collar now let’s talk about the metal part of the collar

The metal part of the dog’s collar needs to be cleaned regularly because when the dirt and dust collect on it and then damage it and the skin of your dog.

You can use shampoo or dish wash to clean the metal part like buckles, clips, D-rings, and tags rather it is a leather or a synthetic collar. When a collar gets rusted, you can use the mixture of water and baking soda and then a thick layer spread on it and scrub it by using an old toothbrush and letting it dry.

How can I clean an Elizabethan – Collar of my Dog?

Elizabethan is known as an E-collars collar that is worn to the dogs after neck surgery to save your dog from licking or worrying stitches and sores. If this collar is dirty it may be disturbing your dog’s neck and create irritations.

Clean hard E-collar:

Clean this type of E-collar by using a damp cloth or mild soap and water for heavy soiling. Before putting it back let it dry completely.

Clean soft E-collar:

First, clean the spot with a soft cloth. If the soil is not to be clean easily you can use soap for it. Remember not to wear a collar to your dog before drying it.

Clean Padding:

If you are using any type of padding to prevent your dog’s neck from scratches or irritations, whenever it gets wet or dirty change it daily.


Dog’s collar is meant for the safety of your dog not for making irritation for your dog if you are not cleaning it regularly.

Dogs collars are getting dirty easily because dogs like to play in the mud, water, or in the park. So you should clean it with a proper method.

How can I clean my dog’s collar? It’s easy to clean a dog collar. First, know about the nature of the collar rather it is a synthetic, lather (finished or unfinished), metal, or Elizabethancollar.

You can use natural ingredients or commercial cleaners according to the nature of your dog’s color. If you use commercial cleaner you should remember that its chemicals are not poisoning or creating irritation for my dog’s skin.

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