How much Canned Food to feed a Dog per day

How much Canned Food to feed a Dog per day

Dogs cannot understand your language and humans cannot understand dog’s language. So that’s why dogs cannot tell you that they are fully fed, underfed or overfed.

Symptoms that your Dog is hungry

Like humans, every dog has its own calories intake, which depends on the age and size of your furry friend.

How can you calculate it? just contact a vet and fed your pet according to his instruction.

You can also estimate your Dog hunger by running your fingers through your dog rib cage. The dog will be hungry if you feel his ribs. The dog will be overfeeding if you don’t feel his ribs.

Quality Canned Food Matters

Quality canned food matters for the health of your furry friend. If the food in can not provide much nutritious according to your furry friend it will be not good for health than it will create diseases like obesity, laboured breathing, osteoarthritis, congestive heart failure, cancers, shortened, skin disorder and like that more diseases.

So that keeps in your mind the quality of canned food because it will boost the health of your dog.

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Factors Matters how much feed a Dog per Day

A dog is fed according to his health, weight, Calorie counter, age, activity level and size. Every dog has its diet plan.


During feed canned food to your dog keep in mind the weight of your dog. Weight plays an important role in your daily calorie’s intake.

  • Overweight: if your dog has overweight you should plan his feed to minimize his weight and keep him fit and healthy and contact a vet for help.
  • Underweight: if your dog has underweight then increase his calories intake to make him ideal, fit and healthy and for further help contact your vet for further information.
  • Ideal weight: if your dog has ideal weight then keep feeding him that specific canned food according to his requirements.

Calorie Counter

The canned you going to eat your dog you should first calculate its calories by using a calorie counter. By using the veterinary professional instructions, you should feed your dog according to the calories amount required for your dog.


Age plays a vital role in the daily diet plan of your furry friend(dog). Feed dogs according to their age.

Small age dogs like puppies should eat as compared to older ones because the digest capability in small age is greater than as compared to an older age. So that’s why if you have an older age dog you should eat it properly.

Activity Level

The daily activity routines also matter about the food of the dog because by doing a daily activity the amount of canned food you feed your dog must digest quickly and it will keep your dog healthy.

A 15 kg dog who walk 2 days a week is less healthy and fit as compared to that one who has the same weight but walks 4 days a week.

Body Size

By the size of your dog, you can imagine the amount of food your dog requires. If your dog has a ribcage then it needs to feed more and if he doesn’t have ribs then he will be overfed.

A small sized dog needs a small amount of canned food to fulfil his daily calories as compared to a fat one.

Right Canned Food Amount to Feed your Dog

How can you know the right amount of food for your dog?

Veterinary Professional:

You should go to a professional Veterinary how to instruct you about the diet plan of your dog.

Personal Guide:

If you don’t have much money for a vet you should follow this cheap method about the diet plan for your dog who is according to the weight of your dog.

  • 0-10 pounds: ¼ can or 1/3-1 Cup of Food per day
  • 11-25 pounds: 1/2 can or 1-2.1/4 Cup of Food per day
  • 26-50 pounds: 1 can or 21/4 Cup of Food per day
  • 51-75 pounds: 1.5 cans or 33/4 Cup of Food per day
  • Over 75 pounds:2 cans or 5-8 Cups of Food per day

Further Instruction

Can’s Feeding Instruction:

Every canned dog food provides full instruction about how to feed and in what amount you feed your dog. It is very helpful.

Online Calculator:

You should have an idea about the calories level of your dog. If you don’t know about it’s not a big issue simply calculates it online through any online calorie calculator and feed your dog according to his calorie requirements per day.

Vet Instruction:

Vet instruction is really helpful for your dog. You should contact your vet and feed him according to his instructions.

Why Suggest Canned Dog Foods?

 Canned food has more benefits as compared to dry food.

  • Flavour: The dog owners demand various types of the flavour of food for their dog, canned food is available but dry food is not.
  • Digest: Canned dog food is easy to digest for a dog as compared to dry food. Many dogs have digestive problems so it’s good for them.
  • Taste: Canned food is more nutritious and tasteful as compared to dry food.
  • Preservative: Canned food is more preserved and not in contact with the air because by contacting with air it will be less nutrition, full of soil and the taste of the food will be bad.


    How much canned food to feed a dog per day is difficult to manage. If you fed your dog according to a vet it’s very helpful.

By keeping in mind some factors about your dog it’s easy to handle the daily amount of canned food for your dog.

Canned food has more benefits for dog’s health and their taste. You can easily know how can you feed your dog an ideal amount of food.

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