Can you Wash the Memory Foam Dog Bed?



Can you wash the memory foam dog bed? The answer is yes. When you use a thing continuously for your dog. This thing needs to be clean. Rather it is cloths or memory foam for your dog.

Dogs spend a lot of their time in their beds. There are some dead skin cells, sweets, and body oils that get accumulated at the memory foam of your dog. These things invite some dangerous things for your dog’s health like bacteria, fungi, and other allergens for your dog.

When a dog uses its memory foam bed every day then the foam maybe get some nasty smells and urine, vomit, or feces. Sometimes if you do not clean your dog’s then the foam got insects inside it and it will be harmful to your dog’s health and give you severe results.

In this case, the foam of your dog’s bed needs a proper cleaning routine because it’s the question of your furry friend.

After knowing that you require a proper cleaning routine for your dog’s memory foam the next question is lured in your mind is How can I clean my dog’s memory foam bed?

How can I clean my dog’s memory foam bed?

How can I clean my dog’s memory foam bed?

You have a dog then you want to keep in your mind how to make him safe and clean by keeping his things clean. The memory foam bed is the castle of your dog you should clean it and have an idea about cleaning it that will not decrease and destroy your dog’s memory foam quality.

There are some steps to clean your dog’s memory foam without destroying its quality.

Remove Nasty Odor

Memory foam dog beds are generally made of polyurethane chemicals. They also use some other chemicals that get nasty odors that are difficult to smell. There are some safe ways to remove this nasty odor.


Sunlight is the first option which is very helpful to removing neutralizing nasty smells from your dog memory foam bed. Take it for a day or two and place it indirectly under the sun. then it will smell as fresh as new.

              Baking Soda:

Another safe method to remove nasty odor, sprinkle a little baking soda on it and let it stand for a day or so. After shaking it slightly that will not affect its quality then it will smell fresh.

Odor Removal:

You can use vinegar or enzymatic cleaner and mix them with water. Then use this mixture in that quantity that is required to clean and deodorize the urine. Spray this mixture at the memory foam and let the mixture be on the foam for ten minutes then wash the area with a soft towel, spray baking soda and vacuum the baking soda and then it smells fresh.

Clean Spot/Stain

If some bad substances are thrown on the memory foam of your dog’s bed and clean this area quickly otherwise it generates bacteria that are harmful to your dog’s health.


It this quite difficult to clean urine from the memory foam of your dog. Don’t heat it because urine with heat binds it with fibers.

How can I clean urine from the memory foam bed?

Wear protective gloves and keep a sponge in your hand to soak up as much urine as possible. Press it down to absorb the liquid. Don’t wipe it because it will spread the smell.

The next step is by using enzymatic cleaner, alcohol, or vinegar. Make a solution by mixing them with water and applying it to the urine. Don’t saturate it. Use a sponge to remove as many spots of urine.


Vomit is tricky to clean because it is chunky and slimy. It’s good to clean vomit as quickly as possible because it is acidic. Vomit also has bad smells. Pick your favorite color to clean it.

How can I clean vomit from the memory foam bed?
The first is to wear gloves. Use a paper towel inside a plastic bag and by using it pick it up and then put it in a trash box. After that use baking soda then dries it for 10 minutes and then vacuum it then the spots are clean.

Feces is the most dangerous substance that needs to be cleaned very quickly. Before cleaning it don’t forget to wear protective gloves. Before cleaning it check the feet of your dog that he did not step in the feces.

How can I clean Feces from the memory foam bed?
enzyme-based cleaners are used to clean feces. If there is a liquid of the feces use baking soda and then solidify it and by using some cloths or paper throw it away.

After that make a solution of one spoon detergent, one spoon of white vinegar, and two cups of cool water and apply it on the spots and use enough liquid to clean it. Use a spot remover and then gently remove as much spot as possible.

Clean Entirely

Use baking soda and lightly spray it on the memory foam bed. Let it stand for 60 minutes. By using baking soda your dog’s memory foam gives a fresh smell.

After this use a handheld vacuum cleaner to remove the baking soda. This method is also removing any type of dust, urine, and substances from the memory foam bed.

Can I clean the Memory Foam Bed of my Dog by Using a Machine?


The memory foam bed is very soft and of better quality and need to clean it very carefully. You cannot wash it in the washing machine.

High-quality foam beds are needed to keep their position and shape so you cannot use a dryer or washer to wash them. If you use them the quality of memory foam will be decreased and then this will be no more use for your dog.


If you have a dog and love him very much. Then the safety of his health is your responsibility. You can keep him healthy by feeding him healthy but you also need to make his things clean.

A bed is the castle of your dog. You should clean it when it gets dirty. You should clean the memory foam bed of your dog carefully without damaging its quality.

You don’t use the washer, dryer, hot or warm water to clean the memory foam bed of your dog. Before washing the bed, you should know how can I clean the memory foam bed?

To wash the memory foam bed of your dog by using safe methods. Remove the nasty odors, clean the spots, or strain substances like urine, vomit, or feces.

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